You Have Arrived at the Most Exciting, Hot Roddin'-est Traffic Exchange Site in Our System!

Delivering The Fastest, Highest Quality Traffic To Your Site Because it is Seen 100% By Manual Surfers!

Read Carefully - Due to the Latest Technology, Cheaters "WILL NOT" Be Able to Blindly Steal Your Hard Earned Credits. Surfers Will See Your Pages!

Here is How This Works!

Our network is developing a system of traffic exchanges and other advertising sites with the goal of 100% live people viewing your ads.

What many surfers are not realizing is that there are auto-surfing sites where people can just set their browsers to operate in the background and auto-surf, building up thousands and thousands of credits without ever seeing a single advertisement. This type of auto-surf system was designed to help people build credits without requiring them to spend time viewing ads.

Why would anyone want to participate in that??? It totally destroys the manual surfer's efforts as the credits they build are being spent on auto-surf page views that are never seen by those auto-surfing unless they start manual surfing.

Traffic-Champ and all sites run by our group do not believe that is a good way to do business. When you surf at Traffic-Champ, you can be confident your ads are seen.

Traffic-Champ will not tolerate traffic bots either! We employ bot detectors and surf verification methods to keep people from stealing your hard work

Everybody Must Surf Sites!

Traffic-Champ Pros and Pit Crew members all surf monthly because of the built-in incentives we use to encourage more surfing.This Means More Live Eyes On Your Sites and Advertisements!

Traffic-Champ Has Free (Pit Crew) and Pro(Hot Rod) Memberships.

**Read This Closely** Pro Members Join With Our Unique Progressive Decreasing Membership Costs. Each Month, Pro Surfers in Traffic-Champ will see their Membership Rates Decrease! See Details In Your Member's Area Inside.

**Even More Exciting** Free Pit Crew Members Can Earn Their Way to Pro! Yes, With No Up-Front purchase, Free members can register inside to Earn Their Way to Pro! See Details In Your Members Area Inside.

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